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IMS China Direct Marketing Gets the Mail Through

You Can’t Afford to Ignore China

You know that your global strategy for nurturing emerging markets has to include China.

  • More than 4 times the population of the USA

    9% average annual GDP growth for last 6 years
  • Becoming preeminent economic power of the
    21st Century

But Direct Mailing to China has its Problems

These include improperly translated and formatted addresses, stale mailing lists, lack of local response mechanisms, and lost returns.

  • China Post translators write addresses by hand in haste, leading to unsightly presentations, inconsistency and numerous errors
  • Mailing lists of Chinese prospects are often wrong, with misplaced post codes, lack of post codes and nonexistent street names or house numbers
  • Undeliverable items are marked up in Chinese and sent back into the international postal system, where they often get lost
  • Response mechanisms are filled out in Chinese, often incorrectly, and many of them are unusable by general data bureaus

IMS China Direct is the Answer

We translate and direct inject mail in China with a local postmark. This not only expedites handling by China Post, but your recipients will appreciate the feeling of reliability that a local look provides, and they'll recognize that you have taken the time to cater to them.

IMS China Direct Services include:

  • Pre-mailing address verification service, so that your list has all the information, in the proper format
  • IMS translators, to ensure that your addresses are understood at the local level
  • Custom labels or inkjetting with your font and logo
  • A local Chinese returns management service, so that you actually get the returned mail and can correct your list; we'll even redeliver the corrected returns!
  • Local response management, to make sure responses are sent to the data bureau in exactly the right format
  • We can help supply local lists as needed

To connect with China, contact IMS today.

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